Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's all happening so fast!

There is so much happening at Ahavas Sholom this month that I have to share with you my excitement!

First, the Ligonier Historical Society (LHS) has finished cataloging all the 3D objects and 2D paper items in the collection. This process has taken two years and would not have been possible without the help of all the LHS member-volunteers. Once our catalogs and finding guide are finalized this fall, I will be posting them to the blog so researchers, Ligonier community members, and anyone who is interested can dig around and discover what's available at the LHS.
Archival boxes hold hundreds of years of Ligonier paper items.
Post-it notes will be replaced this week with permanent box labels. 
3D items were placed in waterproof tubs and inventoried for lower level storage.
Archival silica packets placed inside the tubs wick away any additional moisture.
Items too big for the tubs will be stored on the main level. 

Secondly, last year, we applied for an Indiana Historic Marker. The application process was quite competitive and there were three long steps involved. The cost of the marker is $2,050 and all four Jewish Federations and the Michiana Jewish Historical society have pledged funds to make up the balance of the marker and I am taking care of all the administrative tasks as a volunteer. The Ligonier Historical Society will host the dedication celebration festivities in early-mid September. More updates on this to come later this month! I truly believe that State recognition (the building is already on the National Register for Historic Places) will help us not only to secure future funding, but also to insure the building is maintained and appreciated for years to come. Learn all about Indiana's historic marker program by clicking here! 

Finally, the LHS/1889 Ahavas Sholom Temple building will be open for visitors by the end of the month. The summer exhibit celebrating the 125th anniversary of the temple will take visitors back in time to what Ligonier looked like in the 1880s and 1890s. Stay tuned for a "Visitors" tab to include opening dates, times, and contact information!

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