Friday, December 7, 2012

Genealogical Query: Chester V. Joseph

Minute book housed at the AJA

This week I received an email from the Noble County Genealogical Society regarding a researcher looking for Chester V. Joseph. Apparently, Mr. Joseph was born in Indianapolis and was married in Ligonier. It was her hope that she could track down some records of Mr. Joseph in Ligonier. 

Last year I travelled to the American Jewish Archives (AJA) in Cincinnati to look at the Ahavas Sholom minutes book which is held in their collection. I photographed all 141 pages which are hand written and quite difficult to read. Needless to say, as a volunteer, I haven't gone through the whole book. However, it is accessible at any time at the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati.

I took a look at "The Jews of Ligonier: An American Experience" by Lois Fields Schwartz  (published 1978) which lists who is buried in the cemetery. There are no Josephs listed there. I also took a look at "Intimate Circles: Nineteenth-Century German Jewish Immigrants in Northeastern Indiana" by Judith Saul Stix (published 1989) Stix recorded marriages in Ligonier between 1859-1899. There were no Josephs listed there.

As an aside, I recommended she check out wedding newspaper announcements for the year the Josephs were married in Ligonier. I will continue to think about other resources to consult.