Research Requests

We encourage you to visit us in person here in Ligonier, but we realize that not everyone is able to. The Ligonier Historical Society and Museum volunteers are happy to help with questions by telephone, e-mail, or regular mail. Requests are answered in the order received, regardless of the format in which they arrive. Typically, the turn-around time for a basic research request is 30 days.

There is no fee for answering basic reference questions, such as describing collection holdings or discussing possible research strategies. If you have a specific research request, please contact us to discuss research fees and costs associated with photo-reproduction and mailing. If more than an hour of time is needed to fulfill this request, we will notify you with the approximate time needed and associated cost. If more extensive research is required, than what can be done by our volunteers, we may refer you to a private researcher who will work on your request for a separate fee. All research payments must be made by check before the research will commence (We do not cash payment until we have finished processing your request). All payments go directly to the Ligonier Historical Society’s general fund to be used for maintenance of the 1889 Ahavath Sholom temple building.

So that we may readily respond to your request, email Dan Replogle at Be sure to include the following in your email:

MAKE YOUR REQUEST AS SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE: dates, places, and individual’s full names. The further you can narrow the list, the faster we will be able to fulfill your needs.

INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION: Name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address, so we can fulfill your order and provide other information, if necessary.

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