Monday, August 5, 2013

Busy busy busy!

It's summer in the midwest but the Ligonier Historical Society is busy nonetheless. Over the last month, society members have: (in no particular order!)

  • Ordered (and received) a pallet of archival boxes and folders
  • Driven all over Indiana donating orphaned items to historical societies
  • Gone to the Indiana Historical Society archives in Indianapolis
  • Hunted down newspaper articles from 1889
  • Worked on compiling the Indiana Historical Marker application
  • Gathered donation pledges for the Indiana Historical Marker 
  • Staffed the Ligonier Historical Society museum at the Ahavas Sholom temple
  • Reviewed our newly finished feasibility study
  • Planned (and planning) our next set of cataloging workshops
  • Began transcribing the Ahavas Sholom congregational minutes from the American Jewish Archives
Two pages from the Ahavas Sholom minutes book
We are looking for volunteers to help transcribe these minutes and already have 30 out of 140 pages spoken for. If you'd like to polish your skills at reading late 19th early 20th century cursive writing, please send me an email and I'd be glad to give you a set of 10 pages to transcribe! Our goal is transcription of the entire minutes book by then end of the year.