Thursday, November 7, 2013

2013-2014 Workshops begin!

Jed and I were retroactively
invited to a "Hobo Party!"
We've closed the Ligonier Historical Society museum for the year, but the museum is as busy as ever. This past Saturday, Jed, Everett, Dan, Jeana, my mom (Nancy) and I began organizing the LHS archival collection. The collection consists of 2D materials such as newspaper clippings, photos, flyers, maps, notes, letters and postcards... the list goes on and on! Among the papers, we found a funny invitation to a "Hobo Party!"

We are using a typical archival organization process. We have five main "subjects"
1. Jewish community (001)
2. Ligonier people (002)
3. City of Ligonier (003)
4. Businesses in Ligonier (004)
5. Ligonier area schools (005)

Within these "subjects" we have several "series." These "series" vary depending on the "subject" they fall under. Here's a list of potential series:

o An organization (i.e. a government office, a school, a church)
o A business (i.e. Kids, Ligonier Leader, Solomon Meir Bank)
o A person (i.e. Bill Cochran, Jacob Straus, Tom Conner)
o An event (i.e. Marshmallow Festival, synagogue dedication, demolition of the school)

Then, within these "series" we have "sub-series." Here's a list of potential sub-series:
o financial records
o marketing materials
o meeting minutes
o correspondence
o newspaper clippings

Finally, within these sub-series, we organize the folders either chronologically or alphabetically depending on the type of material we are sorting.

We filled 10 of our new gray archival boxes with a lot of archival folders filled with a lot of materials covering Businesses in Ligonier (004) and City of Ligonier (003)! Archival boxes and folders are acid free and help to protect and preserve all of the LHS paper materials for years to come.

Our goal is to complete the Ligonier People (002) papers during our next session on November 23rd and then cover Jewish Community (001) in January. I hope more LHS members will come join us on November 23rd and get involved in the exciting work we are doing. What's more, for our last workshop, Jeana brought hot coffee and Dan brought amazing donuts from Creps Bakery. I can honestly say, I have never had a donut as good as these in all my 34 years on this planet. Please go there, buy lots of donuts, and try them for yourself.