Monday, March 25, 2013

Marathon Cataloging day!

This past Saturday, Jerry, Jeana, Angie, Jed, Cyndi, and I worked to catalog all of section 001 "Jewish community" and part of section 004, "Ligonier Businesses." We impressively finished section 001 before lunch and made great progress on 004 in the afternoon. We still have quite a bit of work to do on 004 as well as several other areas left untouched. First, there is a 15' shelf full of books and scrapbooks that have yet to be cataloged. Second, there are a lot of administrative materials that need to be organized. Thirdly, there are two groups of materials "unknown" and "non-Ligonier history" that need to be sorted and, if necessary, deaccessioned. Finally, there is all the 2D items (paper, photos, letters, etc) that have to be sorted and filed into appropriate archival boxes.

Level One Hebrew Primer
We had a record day on Saturday, cataloging 324 items, bringing our total of cataloged items to 683! Our next workday is Saturday, April 13. Since Everett was unable to join us on Saturday, I must end this post with a highlight from section 001 for him. This is a snapshot of a few pages from an undated Hebrew Primer which would have been used at the Ahavas Sholom Hebrew School. "Where is the dog?" "The dog is under the table." "Where is the cat?" "The cat is on the chair." While we tend to focus on the well-known influential Jews in Ligonier like Solomon Mier and Jacob Straus, this primer is a reminder that it was truly a community, and yes, that includes kids! 

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