Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cataloging begins!

A big round of applause for Jerry, Everett and Cyndi who all worked really hard on Saturday with our first day of cataloging. I purchased some archival tags and labels and we began with assigning and affixing numbers to all the 3-dimensional objects in category #2 (Ligonier People). This was no easy task... there were 166 objects! All of the 2-dimensional items (photos, newspaper clippings, and other paper) will be organized later, put into folders, and then the folders will be compiled into archival boxes. These boxes will then have numbers. We started a simple spreadsheet which we will later flow into the collections management software once it's up and running on a server. 

During this process, we found objects that weren't related to Ligonier's history, objects that were "unknown" and objects that fell into other categories. We did catalog some pretty interesting things. One item of note was the ballot box pictured here. It had white marbles and black cubes inside. This was used by the Stansbury Woman's relief core to anonymously vote on who was "in" (white marble) and who was "out" (black cube). The ballot box was donated by Eleanor Steller on June 1, 1992 and it proudly bears the new object number of: 2013.002.100!

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