Monday, August 13, 2012

Area Rabbi visits Ahavas Sholom

It is unfortunate that I missed Shaul Solomon's recent visit to the Ahavas Sholom synagogue building. He and a friend of his, the self-proclaimed "Roving Rabbis," came to visit Ligonier and emailed me wondering if there were any Jews left in the city or if I knew of any families who had connections to the founding members of the Jewish congregation of Ligonier. I replied that although most of Ligonier's Jews left in the 1950s for places like Chicago, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Ft. Wayne, there is one woman from Fort Wayne who I know of who has a direct connection to Ligonier and remembers the last Jewish service in the building. I followed this up with inviting him to participate on a panel or conduct a talk about religious diversity and tolerance from the 1850s to present times. Hopefully we'll hear back and be able to organize an event for the Ligonier community!

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